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first blog evr!!!1 (3/26/21)

welcome to my first blog!! im really excited to talk with my on-line community!
so, today i just got a new air conditioner!

secon blog! (3/28/21)

so today i just wanted to say that thank you for one thousand people seeing this website!
that is CRAZY!!1

3st blog!! (4/2/21)

hey guys! update on the website...
today is a BIG improvement for the website!

here are some of the changes:
- new logo
- new uuuuh hold on let me look ok its new homepage.

update (4/28/21)

hey!! sorry i haven't updated... i've been doing a lot and i couldn't catch up with my blog.
so yeah, im working on two things called "rubble" and (MYSTERY PROJECT!!!1!)
see you guys!